Our study abroad program can provide the student with private rooms with aircon for each student. The rooms are equipped with a small kitchenette and full toilet and bathroom. Condos and centrally located and close to our facilities. 


The expected costs of the condo vary depending on location, quality, etc. but here we give you an estimation:


For students of only one semester (4 months rental): 1,500.00 USD

For students of Full Academic year ( 10 months rental): 3,000.00 USD.    


Students are allowed to search and find accomodation by themselves or can ask our company to provide them with this. Let us know in your application form.


Also we provide you with organized excursions and cultural activities. Some examples include:



1. Elephant camp. 

2. Temples tour.

3. Bangkok excursion.

4. Singapore excursion.



Student Life - Housing


Host family accommodations are allowed only under special requests. In general students stay in their own condo or studio centrally located.  


Staying in your private or shared condos-studios


  • When will I receive my housing assignment? You will receive via email your housing assignment one week before the official program arrival day.
  • Can I contact the property? Do not worry for this we will take you the first day you arrive.
  • When can I move in/when do I have to move out? Move-in and move-out dates are indicated in your acceptance letter from COLBS INSTITUTE. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later than those dates, you should not expect to move into the homestay early, and it is your responsibility to arrange your own accommodations.
  • Do they speak English in the properties? Efforts are made to place students with no language background in condos or studios where the keepers offer service speaking a minimum of English, but students should not expect people in the properties to be fluent in English or understanding them. Service in the property will speak Thai language so trying to speak the local language is part of the adventure of being abroad and stepping out of your comfort zone. If you are enrolled in a semester program and we expect you to learn a minimum of words to use everyday, which facilitates communication everywhere. Do not worry, we will provide you with free-thai language lessons every week outside your academic schedule. 
  • Will I have my own bedroom? Yes. You can indicate your preferences in the housing questionnaire, though such preferences cannot be always guaranteed. 
  • Will I have my own bathroom? Yes in single apartments, not in shared apartments.
  • How far from the city will condo or studio be located ? Most rooms are an average of a 10-15 minute walk or less by public transportation from classes. Do not expect to walk too much in Thailand, temperatures and high humidity does ot make it easy. On the other side, public transportation is very cheap and easy. Motorcycles and scooters can be rented monthly at very low prices as well. 
  • Will my condo have wifi? This cannot be guaranteed. Although it is recomended to purchase your own private data connection in your mobile phone.Packages are low cost, about 12-15 USD per month. We will provide you with a SIM data card in case you need it. 
  • Should I bring a gift? Though not expected, many students present to their Thai teachers as a sign of respect a small gift (without any economic value) representing their home region.
  • How do meals work? You will proceed with breakfast by yourself, either international or Thai breakfast. Then you will receive free Thai lunch every day of class (4 days per wek).  At the end of the semester Colbs Institute organizes a farewell event including dinner where students are invited to atttend.
  • What do I do for breakfast or dinners? You are responsible for your breakfast and dinners. The city will offer you many places for international cuisine as well.  
  • What is a typical meal? Meals in Thailand vary widely from tastes. A typical Thai breakfast could includes fruit, soup, noodles, rice, cofee, tea, (no eggs or bacon). Dinners are made by exquisite dishes containing in many cases rice, noodles, chicken, pork, eggs, fish, vegetables, etc. Healthy food in most cases. Still, the city of Chiang mai offers many cafes where they serve bakery and sanwiches western style. Also there is a 7-Eleven in every corner where you can also buy western fast food groceries.  
  • What if I have food restrictions? You may indicate allergies in the housing questionnaire, we will do our best in the lunch catering reservation.  
  • Can I cook my own meals sometimes? Yes in most cases. Kitchenettes and refrigerators are in most rented condos although we cannot guarantee in 100% of the cases.
  • Will somebody clean my room? It is your responsibility to keep your room organized and tidy. It is your condo, private or shared. Up to you.  
  • How does laundry work? Most condos offer laundry service at a very cheap cost, others allow you to use machines. Still if the condo does not offer the service or does not provide you with machines we will take you to the closest place.  
  • Do I need to pack sheets/towels? Your condo unit will provide clean sheets and towels. You should bring a towel or buy it here if you plan to use it outside the property.  
  • Do I have to follow any rules in the condo or studio? Yes. As in all places. You must follow their house rules. This may include, but is not limited to non smoking policy, making parties and excessive noise after 10 pm. 
  • Will I have my own set of keys? Yes, but you must be very careful not to lose them. Some keys in Thailand are very expensive to replace, and it is your responsibility to pay to replace lost keys.
  • Is there a curfew? No. You may come home late at night as long as you are respectful and your entry does not awaken your hosts. In order not to worry neighbours.
  • Can I have friends/family stay with me when they visit? In most cases should not be a problem. This only affects to single apartments, not shared units.Still, hotels are really competitive in price-quality in Thailand. 
  • How are students matched to apartments? Placements are based on students’ responses to the housing questionnaire and the apartment profile. Specific needs such as a pet-free homes due to allergies and medical needs will be given first priority in the matching process. Other preferences are taken into account but cannot be guaranteed. Housing coordinators make periodic visits to the homestays to be sure that the cleanliness and comfort meet our standards.
  • What happens if I break something in the unit? You are responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged or destroyed object belonging to your host. Colbs Institute declines all responsibility. You must notably respect laws forbidding firearm possession and alcohol and drug consumption*. (Please notice that drug posession is a VERY SERIOUS ofense in Thailand and carries on years of imprisonement. YOU MUST AVOID IT COMPLETELY). 
  • Do I have to pay utilities? Yes. At the end of each month the property will issue a receipt with your consumption. In order to be fully transparent with the student and the propert, the official receipt of the Electricity Consumption will be collected by us and presented to you for cash payment. payment. Expect somewhere beetween 30-50 USD montly for electricity bill depending on consumption.  
  • What is the weather like? Hot in general. Tropical weather is mostly hot although the country's infrastructure is good. If you wish, you can always be under air conditioning, indoor facilities, in restaurants, at your own condo and in cars. The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is April (35.4°C/ 95F). The month with the lowest average high temperature is December (31.7°C /88F ). The month with the highest average low temperature is April (26.9°C/81F). The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is December (22°C/72F)