faculty news and testimonials of abe students



  • "One of the most amazing things about studying with ABE is their continuous improvements, flexibility and reorganisation to provide their students with the best learning experiences and outcomes possible". (Asongfack Abit Abigail - Winner of Top Paper Award in Developing International Markets).
  • "Truly, there are no shortcuts to success in the ABE course. It all boils down to sheer hard work. Plain, just traditional hard work. Students should begin seriously reading and revising as soon as they start the course. They should extensively make the most use of the ABE portal. They should also start doing their assignments as soon as they are released to have enough time to study for the written exam papers. After I have completed ABE qualifications I am considering acquiring additional academic qualifications by pursuing a Masters of Business Administration Degree in Marketing." Vaishni Ramji Raghwani - winner of Top Paper Award in Strategic Marketing, studied at SCLP Samaj Australian College

  • "I would like to strongly recommend ABE for studying business and related subjects. ABE offers high quality education and can help a young teenager go on to become a successful professional career person like me".Su Su Myint Aung, Executive Director, Nice Style Group of Companies